Sunday, June 15, 2008


I survived Cedar Point in the pouring rain with a bunch of teenagers! It really did pour rain a majority of the day! Thankfully we we're able to ride several coasters in between downpours. I know I was entertaining while we rode b/c I would practically ripe off whoevers arm was next to mine and scream "No more! No more!" It was also terribly hot and humid but strangely exhilirating! I just can't say how much I appreciate weighing less!
The kids we're awesome. I was expecting to be annoyed but never was. I hung out mostly with my niece Allison and a few of her friends. They were really nice and not bratty at all. I did realize that they all think I am really old. We were listening to a mixed cd I brought along and a Pearl Jam song came on. One of the girls said she liked the song and asked who sang it. When I told her Pearl Jam she just looked at me like.."Who?" I was like..."Seriously! I am not that irrelevant!" Apparently 33 is the new 80! Or at least that is what I told out asst Pastor.
Once I got home it was back to mommy world. I really missed the kiddos. They were glad to see me. I had big plans to get alot done but our power went off. So, Jeff and packed up the kids and took them to McDonalds for dinner. We were going to go to Jeff's moms to sleep if the power didn't return after dinner but by the time we got back it did. Our neighbor had a bonfire so we hung out fireside and relaxed. Today was church and then to Jeff's moms for dinner. This morning the kids and I made breakfast for daddy and gave him a present and cards. After lunch I decided to trim our ginormous bushes on the side of our house. Unfortunately, I didn't consider the massive thunderstorm that was heading straight for us. I did mangage to get two done and cleaned up before the storm hit.
This week we're staying home for the most part b/c POTTY TRAINING had officially begun! Pray for me! Pray for me!:))))

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