Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chillin at home

That is basically what we did this weekend. The kids had alot of fun just hanging out playing with their neighborhood friends and enjoying the summer weather. This afternoon we ended up having a little impromptu baseball game with about six kids and some adults. It was pretty funny to watch. I took some pictures but they aren't the kids move to much for my cheapy camera. I need one of those super fast,way too expensive ones! I found myself feeling very content with life today! Just appreciating where we are and what we have. I am also posting a couple pics of me since some of you have asked. 110 pounds and still going!!
My mom is coming mid week to help me organize my closets. Love it when she comes to town. Potty training is still going good too! Have a good week!

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Sarah said...

You look great! We missed seeing you at the BBQ. Wish you could have made it. I'm glad potty training is going well. I'm not looking forward to it!