Monday, June 09, 2008

Bay Harbor

I am back from my weekend with my girlfriends in Bay Harbor. It was fantastic! The place we stayed was amazingly nice..I liked to call it swanky!! We we're all blown away by it! The view was amazing of the golf course and the beautiful Lake Michigan beyond it. We enjoyed getting pedicures, walking around Petoskey and some good food and even better people watching! It was very relaxing! Unfortunately my batteries were dead when I arrived and I meant to get new ones and never got around to it! Its too bad too b/c the view from our condo was worth taking pictures of.
Jeff survived with the kiddlings. He did admit that he thinks Caroline is perhaps the most dramatic baby in the whole world. To which I responded, "Now do you understand my insanity some days?" He just laughed. We enjoyed a hot and humid and then rained on party yesterday for Jessica's graduation. It was nice to see some of Jeff's relatives that we never see. Matthew had fun running around like a crazy man. We left Caroline home with a sitter. This week we just have some errands, apts and playdates and then on Thurs I leave for Cedar Point. I am very excited for the trip. My friends told me this weekend they thought I was crazy and they bet me that one rollercoaster ride in I'd be puking and feeling sick the rest of the day! Lets hope not!!

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