Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I am going to kill Mother nature

I have blogged on this previously but I seriously need some Spring and I need it now. Matthew is going to go off his rocker if he doesn't get his hiney outside for several hours and several days in a row! He just stands at the window and says, " Its not raining, get your coat mommy, we're going outside!" If it wasn't raining cats and dogs, I would gladly take him out.
Caroline's language is exploding since her tubes have been in. Her newest vocab is
Papa, hot cocoa, poop, gotta love that one, dada, baby and sucker. That girl loves the suckers. She had her first one at at haircut a few weeks ago and just kept saying, "MMMMMMMMMMMM" too cute.
My weekend at Union Pier was great, I highly recommend the Inn at Union Pier. They are very hospitable. This weekend Jeff and I are going to a NCAA basketball party with some friends from college in Hudsonville. It should be very fun. We ended up bartering with our college babysitter. She is staying overnight and Jeff is doing her taxes for free. I am so sad b/c she is going to Spain for five months in August! What will we do with out our Staci!! I am so glad that she is able to have this opportunity. I never traveled abroad while in college, the parental units weren't at all for that, at least they weren't for paying for it! :)
Hope your week is going wonderfully!

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