Friday, April 04, 2008

Hard times in blogger land

The last couple of days I have been keeping up with some blogs of persons who are really struggling right now. There are two that I will mention and
I have mentioned Ethan before. He is I believe about 15 months old and has been battling leukimia since he was two months old. He is not doing well at all right now. His parents are such believers in prayer and God has delievered little Ethan from dying before but tonight its looking grim. Then there is Audrey Caroline. She is the unborn daughter of the leader singer of a Christian group that escapes me right now..I will look it up and post it mind is totally blanking! Anyways, she has far too many problems to live outside of her mother's womb. She is due to be delivered on April 7th and baring a miracle die that same day. Her parents have exhibited such faith and grace throughout this difficult journey, its nothing short of awe inspiring. My heart breaks for Ethan and for Audrey Caroline. I wish there was something more I could offer but know that my prayers may offer some peace with all the collective thousands that are being offered up for them and those that hold them dear.
Today, Caroline has been acting very strange. She has had spells of crying uncontrollably for up to an hour and half at a time. I took her to the Immediate care facility b/c our ped was completly booked. She has an ear infection so in a few days she will be fine. I noticed after I layed her down for bed that she was still making noises so I scooped her up and took her into our room to rock her. Something she normally will have none of. But tonight she just layed there and sucked those little fingers and would periodically look up at me and smile and give me her sweet little butterfly kisses. It was so precious, especially in light of the weight of all that is going on with parents and their children all over this world. I just felt grateful and blessed to be with this precious little girl who've we been blessed with.
So, moral of this blog...
IF YOU HAVE KIDS, young or old, go to them, if you can, PICK THEM UP, hug them ,shower them with kisses, if they are OLD, call them up and remind them how much they mean to you. After all, we never know what tommorrow holds...

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