Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Five years

Is how long Jeff and I have been married. We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on April 26th. We had intended on going out to dinner but we had to go out for a friend's 40th on Friday night and it wiped out our budget! Plus, we are going to Chicago at the end of May for a fun Cubs weekend sans children! In many ways it seems like just yesterday that I took that walk down the aisle to say "I do" but in other ways, like two children and moving twice it seems like alot has happened. I am a big fan of lists so here are my top five reasons I love having Jeff as a husband..

5. He is the most patient person I have ever known.
4. He is amazing at math and can add and divide lots of numbers quickly in his head, I know weird.
3. He is the only person who knows EVERYTHING about me,the good, the bad and the ugly.
2. He is the most amazingly helpful father ever..hands down best daddy a kid could ever want.
1. He loves God and his family and I would never trade him for anyone or anything.

He is out tonight with some buddies he hasn't seen in awhile. I am ashamed to admit that I hold him hostage here most nights. I blame him because if he wasn't such a great daddy I wouldn't need his help.. right! Its funny thinking back to when I first met him in 1995. We have both changed so much since then but still there are some core things about Jeff that I loved back on that day that haven't changed at all. I hope we have many, many more anniversaries to come and that I will always have at least five items to share on why I love him. Here are some pictures from that day..not so long ago.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations Jeff & Sue:)

Kristi said...

Congratulations! Has it really been that long? Time flies!!!

Sarah said...

Happy fifth anniversary!