Saturday, April 12, 2008

Birthdays galore

April is a busy birthday month for the Simpsons. It all starts on April 2nd with my brother, Jeff and his twin sister Jenny's is the 4th,my brother in law Keith's is the 12th, our nephew Derek's is the 17th and Matthew's is the 21st. So, needless to say it can get a little kooky with that much cake eating:)
Jenny, Brian and Derek are in town this weekend to celebrate Derek's bday. We went over to Barb's today and of course the kids had a blast. Matthew just loves playing with Derek and they get along really well. Caroline was her usual get into everything self. Gotta love her adventursome spirit right?! She is now on oral antibiodics for her ear infections. They got worse over the past week. She has been very fussy as a result.
Last night we went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday. We went to the piano bar in downtown Kalamazoo, it was a lot of fun. Tonight, after a long day at grandmas we're just laying low. The kids are asleep and I am catching up on some blog reading and emailing and then plan on settling into the couch for the movie, "The Memory Keeper's daughter" on Lifetime. I read the book last summer and really enjoyed it. Tommorrow I have the dreaded church nursery duty. I hate to admit that I dread it but I do! After church its back to Grandma's for more playing..
Happy Saturday!


Carrie said...

Hey, thanks for calling and checking in the other day! We're all better was not the spring break I had hoped for! Oh, well. We got to set up a girls night out for b'days soon...we'll talk later!

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Hummel Family said...

Hey, our jogger stroller is made by Kidzkargo. We got it as a gift from our Church. I really like it, but it can be a little tiresome putting a child in (and out) of the back seat. I finally found a little easier way, but wonder what it will be like as they get bigger and weigh more. Just something to think about. A friend of mine has a good jogger/double stroller made by One Step. She got a good deal on Ebay. She loves it because the kids sit side by side.

Hummel Family said...

I meant INSTEP not One Step for my friends stroller. Check Ebay out! Lots of great deals.