Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why I love Matthew

I am feeling bad for always complaining about my little boy. The last couple of days he has been saying some really adorable things..

Today at the mall in the dressing room as I tried on a top,
"Mommy you look beautiful!"
Yesterday while Jeff was giving him a bath and almost fell into it while getting up
"Whoa daddy! Be careful, if you fell on my you'd crush me!"
Sunday after church carrying a gigantic palm he'd received,
"This is my palm to welcome Jesus on his donkey"
This morning while snuggling
"I want to give you kisses and huggies and eat you all up for lunch!"
We went to see the Easter bunny this morning and to ride the carousel. Both the kids were awesome!
Even better, Matthew is taking a nap today! Blessed be!



Carrie said...

Praise the Lord for naps!!!! Yea! Little boys say the most adorable things...how sweet. He is such a sweet little man...most the time, right?!!?!!

Holly said...

How sweet! Asher grabbed both sides of my face this morning and pulled me in for a kiss :) Boys are great, just full of life..lol. And, definitely YAY for naps!!

Janine said...

Boys are very sweet. :-) However, I also loved naptime and often counted down the minutes until Lowell came home. But then they grow up...sniff, sniff. They are still (mostly) sweet but no naps. LOL