Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Who me?

Caroline is such a stinker when it comes to climbing! She constantly tries to climb on top of the kitchen table! Matthew is still not napping and we have had major issues lately. He is like a wild horse at time that will not be broken! I have asked my Bible study to really pray for me and him and our relationship. It was so bad yesterday that I was crying to Jeff and said that sometimes I feel like I can't be an effective mom to him. He gets under my skin worse than anyone I have ever known and this causes me to feel so badly. I just completly lose my temper with him. So, today I just would put him in his room when he was really naughty and just stop and ask God for help. Obviously it worked! Actually after Caroline went to bed for the night we had some really sweet time together. One day at a time, ok really more like one second at a time!!:)

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