Thursday, March 20, 2008


I love Holy Week.. I usually try and mix it up and go to more traditional churches throughout the week. But, yesterday our church had a converted Jew speak about the signifigance of Passover in the Resurrection story. It was AWESOME!! I think if I could do it all over again I might go to IWU and major in Old Testemant studies, is that even a major? I find myself fascinated by the history and the relevance of the Old Testament. Having recently studied Genesis and Exodus in Bible studies, I had the background to truly understand the circumstances of the Passover celebration. The speaker had a thick Russian accent so you had to pay close attention but it almost had me in tears by the end. It was one of those moments when your feeling like, "How could people NOT believe that Christ was the Messiah?" Tommorrow night I am going to a Good Friday service at an Episcopal church. It should be interesting. I was raised Episcopalian and have found myself missing the tradition of that denomination lately. I never thought I would say that!
In other news, we started Matthew's OT on Wednesday. It was interesting to see what they do. They did things like brushed his body with a surgical brush in a rhythmic pattern,made him swing and listen to "Special music". He did pretty well with most of it. I have to do the brushing and special compressions to his joints three times daily. I thought maybe he was calming down a little but today he jumped into a pond...yes you read that right, JUMPED INTO A POND! We were leaving my girlfriend's house who had just cut Caroline's hair. They have a little pond in their front lawn. Matthew ran away from me and then as he ran back towards me, I saw him look at the pond with that "I am about to do something naughty"look and in he went! Completly submerged! I was right there and pulled him to safety. His startled face was priceless and his lost sucker and freezing cold body being stripped of icy clothing was, I think, punishment enough! Thankfully, I had a sweater and blanket in the car. He said to me, "I can't wear this, its not for little boys, its for mommies!" I was proud of myself for not freaking.
This weekend we're staying her and having Jeff's family over for Easter. I am making a turkey for the first time ever...YIKES!
Have a wonderful Easter!

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