Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter in the tundra!

That is what it seemed like on Friday when we received a whopping 14 inches of snow!! Today its been nice and sunny though...good! Hopefully we can melt this white stuff once and for all! We had a very enjoyable Easter. It started with Easter baskets for the kids. Matthew got candy and a Mr. Potato Head. Caroline got candy, which daddy will mostly eat and the movie Dumbo. Then it was off to church and then back here for a big ol'supper. My turkey turned out well! I highly recommend both the roaster and the stuffing it with cut up lemons, oranges and rosemary! YUMAROO!
Here are some pics from the past week and today! One is of me and a new top I bought for my birthday which is on Tuesday. This year for the first time in 20 years I wasn't in tears trying to find something to wear on Easter. I have very vivid, traumatic memories and not having anything that fit. It was so nice today to have several choices!
Update on my prayer requests, Ken is still sedated. Please pray specifically that he would wake up and recover FULLY! and of course, let us not forget


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