Sunday, March 23, 2008


I just spoke with my mom who spoke with my sister a little while ago so I now have some more details about Ken's condition. Apparently he did have a stroke. He had bleeding on both sides of his brain. So, it looks medically grim, but all of us who know and love Ken know this man can defy any odds. He is a fighter and I truly believe that he can survive this. My head tells me this, but my heart hurts for everyone closely involved. I am sure most people don't really even care that much about their sister's inlaws, but Keith's family seems like my family too. They are so caring and nice. In fact, Joan, Keith's mom had just called me a few weeks ago to see how I was doing with the surgery. He is only 69 and I am sorry, that is to young to die or have no quality of life.
I just continue to lift everyone up and prayer and BELIEVE he can and will be healed!

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