Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What God wants me to do?

So Sunday night I was a total nutcase! I was pouring over Caroline's photos and convincing myself that she indeed had some type of serious eye issue and or cancer. It didn't help that Friday I called the doctor to get the rest of her lab results and the nurse told me that her results were "basically" normal but that the cancer marker labs weren't back yet. What exactly does basically mean anyways? So, in addition to calling the ped office on Monday, I also called the opthamologist and asked to leave a message about the reflection I often see in her pics. Thankful they both called me back at lunch and the labs were normal and the optometrist put me at ease too! He reassured me that its just her eyes and that if I am seeing the reflection in both eyes its normal. I also asked him if perhaps we should start treating her lazy eye earlier and he was very firm that treating it in the Spring is fine and would not affect her vison negatively in the meantime.
We had LAMBS, our moms small group last night. It was just me and two of my already close friends which was a little discouraging for me. I had hoped that more women would come out for it. But, I am also kind of at the point that I am offering things for people to get connected, if they come great, if not, oh well. As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink! We talked about Noah and the Ark and the legacy that we leave on this earth. In the wrap up, the author says hypothetically, that it might have said on Noah's tomb stone, "He did everything God asked of him" and then she asked the readers to think of what type of legacy your leaving to your family, friends, etc. We all kind of joked that we can't claim to do everything God asked of us. But, as I drove home, I wondered what mine would say if I died today. I would like to think it would say"Nice person,good friend,did the best she could" but I think sometimes it would say" Likes to gossip, irritated easily, often mistrusts God" Not at all what I want people to think of me! So, I think I might start asking myself that simple question"Am I doing what God would have me do?"


Jamie & Heather said...

I feel sad that I missed it, the Bible Study.

I honestly forgot it was Monday. Jamie had worked from Thursday to Sunday for an average of 12 hrs and on Monday he took the day off. That threw me b/c it made me forget the day. (even though I still sent the kids to school)

We took them to Playworld in Grand Rapids and Jamie informed me around 9 that I missed my Bible Study!

I will deffinately be there next week! I so want to connect with you and Carrie and Melanie!! Is it still at Carrie's? I won't be in church to find out!

So glad Caroline's labs came back normal! It had to be such a relief! Will continue to keep you in my prayers!

Susan said...

We missed you!! Glad to hear you'll be there next week! I will call you and let you know where!


Jamie & Heather said...

Thanks! That'll be great! I was really disappointed when Jamie pointed out what day it was and what I missed...

have a great weekend. if you call and I'm not here just leave the message with jamie.