Thursday, November 01, 2007

To infinity and beyond

Between the Zoo Boo and the Fall Fest fundraiser for my MOPS group to the actual Halloween day which we spent at our church's Pumpkin Party...Matthew aka Buzz Lightyear had much fun!! Check out his buns in the first pic..sooo pinchable! Caroline, who only made it to the Fall Fest looks less than thrilled! Caroline has recovered from whatever it was that was making her ill,which apparently wasn't a UTI..hmmm! I am just glad she is feeling well again and not having to endure many medical traumas anymore. Although, she now screams and cries and twists her little buns every which way when I attempt diaper changing. This makes changing her now very yucky antibiodic poopy diapers very unfun! Good thing her dimples and curls make up for it!

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