Friday, November 09, 2007

Sicky again!!

Poor little Caroline now has tonsilitis and maybe strep throat! She was very irritable the last few days, but she is getting her one year molars so I thought it was just that. Then yesterday and today she was running a fever and her sick eyes returned. A true sign that she was not feeling good.Plus, she was very lethargic today. So, back to the ped office we went. They did the initial culture for strep and it came back negative. But, they are culturing it. The doc said her throat was really red..poor little girl a sore throat and new teeth too! The doctor also asked about her EYE! I really couldn't believe it. I really felt like saying, "Are you seriously asking me about her eye lady? " I told her that its all covered and that the optometrist said if they have any questions call him. I swear I am going to make her a onesie that says, "WE KNOW ABOUT THE EYE! DON'T ASK or my mommy will drop kick you!" Never a dull moment!
Busy weekend for us, tommorrow I am co hosting a baby shower here in town. Then at night we are either going to "LAST COMIC STANDING" at church or out with some of our college friends who are in town for the shower. Sunday, church, although I think Caroline is missing church this week..I swear the nursery is one big petry dish!



Hummel Family said...

Awe, so sorry!!! I hope she gets better sooon. I will pray for you all!

Holly said...

I know what you mean about whating them to wear a onesie...I feel the same way at times w/Jaden's eye. Luckily, we've seen almost every ped in the office now (bc he's in there so much), and now it's just a normal thing.