Friday, November 16, 2007

Pray for Ethan

Its a funny thing, the Holy Spirit...he can find you anywhere if he wants to! I had read a blog awhile back about a little boy who has leukima and was diganosed when he was 2 months old. I didn't follow up on his blog as much as my other "regulars" because, I am ashamed to admit, I sometimes can't handle too many sad ones. I get too wrapped up in it. But, as I read some of my other regulars, his name kept coming up in posts or comments.I felt that intense nudging by the Holy Spirit to pray for him. So, I added him to my regulars. Well, he desperately needs all our prayers! He is running out of options. His parents are so faithful and whole heartedly believe in the power of our God and our prayers.

Its a funny thing, when I first started this blog process I was a total pessimist. Always expecting the worst, always fearing the most horrible to come my way. Now, as I sit here, almost exactly 2 years later and almost 250 posts published by me, I have learned so much about true faith, true prayer. I could write a million sentences about what that looks like for me but simply said..It carries you through..through all things, through all times.

Ethan's website is


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Julie said...

Hi Susan! I just wanted to finally take a moment to thank you for your continued support when you stop by my blog. I know what you mean that you have to set limits on how much you can get sucked into other peoples lives - especially the ones with really sad stories. I do plan on stopping by little Ethan's site though.

Many blessings to you!