Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hee Hee Hee

I am sure some of you "blog checkers" were thinking" What the heck does Death by porta potty mean?" It was a well intended blog but Caroline was being a stinker yesterday and I couldn't really justify random blogging in lieu of rescuing a sad little one year old from her crib.

So, here it is the Porta Potty post...
There is a PP right off the exit off of 131 S to 94E. Each time I pass it I think "What if you were in there, taking care of business so to speak and a car crashed into you?" Then, being my morbid self, I took it a step farther and thought" What if that is how you died?" Then I will admit, I giggled at the thought. I think I would be a little embarassed and probably angry if that is how I left this world. Whilst using a porta potty! I have told some of my small group this thought and I know they just chalk it up to strange Sue! This is my mind people..strange at times!:) Ok, all the time!
Unrelated to PP's, my mom was so irritating today. She seems to like to think while she was raising all of us that she never was stressed and always took things in stride. She SO plays the devils advocate, as I suppose all good moms should, but today I was just mildly irritated by Caroline's insesent whining and Matthew's insesent screaming and told her that. To which she replied, "Well, maybe you should be thankful for two healthy children." True ,but sometimes you just want someone to let you have your moment to be annoyed you know! Of course I had to call my sister and leave a her a VM saying"Call me back, mom is so annoying" What would we do without sisters or moms?

DISCLAIMER: My mom is wonderful and caring and did an awesome job raising us. She just never lets you feel sorry for yourself.She still doesn't have blog access but in case she ever does, I have covered my rant with some praise!

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