Friday, November 23, 2007

Crazy kids

How is it possible that a 2.5 year old boy can take up most of the space in a king size bed? It would seem impossible, but Matthew can! We have slept in the same bed the last two nights and man does that kid move alot in his sleep. I do love sleeping with him though, watching his serene, sleeping face and listening to him breath. He is a very deep sleeper, unlike his little sis, so you can snuggle him up and he doesn't even know your there. He has enjoyed his time here thoroughly. He loves playing with his extended family and especially with his Papa. Caroline is on the mend and as a result has been sleeping really well! She has completly turned into a mama's girl though and if she is awake and I am in not in her line of vison she screams..that little girl is silly, silly. Thanksgiving dinner was very interesting. I don't think I really had a chance to enjoy the food . I think Jeff and I shoveled in mouth fulls here and there in between Caroline crying for no reason and Matthew acting naughty and not eating. Oh well, we weren't expecting much from a 2 and 1 year old. It was a very nice day and as I said in previous posts our cups really runneth over in the blessing arena this year, we can get over a rushed dinner. Just hearing Matthew say, "Me no eat that" is worth it! I hope your all having a great time.

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