Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas card pics

Here they are...I just sent them off to Shutterfly this morning so I will be sending them out soon. That little bug Caroline never looks at the camera and always looks like she is staring off when we do get her. Don't you love the matching jammies?!
Things are going over here, mommy has been majorly stressed out by the antics of a 2.5 year old as of late. I swear that kid can get under my skin like no one else. We has a playdate today and I know that my friends are horrified by his behavior..oh well, what can you do! ONE DAY at a TIME is my new motto!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Crazy kids

How is it possible that a 2.5 year old boy can take up most of the space in a king size bed? It would seem impossible, but Matthew can! We have slept in the same bed the last two nights and man does that kid move alot in his sleep. I do love sleeping with him though, watching his serene, sleeping face and listening to him breath. He is a very deep sleeper, unlike his little sis, so you can snuggle him up and he doesn't even know your there. He has enjoyed his time here thoroughly. He loves playing with his extended family and especially with his Papa. Caroline is on the mend and as a result has been sleeping really well! She has completly turned into a mama's girl though and if she is awake and I am in not in her line of vison she screams..that little girl is silly, silly. Thanksgiving dinner was very interesting. I don't think I really had a chance to enjoy the food . I think Jeff and I shoveled in mouth fulls here and there in between Caroline crying for no reason and Matthew acting naughty and not eating. Oh well, we weren't expecting much from a 2 and 1 year old. It was a very nice day and as I said in previous posts our cups really runneth over in the blessing arena this year, we can get over a rushed dinner. Just hearing Matthew say, "Me no eat that" is worth it! I hope your all having a great time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Go with the gut! and other things..

I wondered if Caroline perhaps had an ear infection. After a sleepless night and an incredibly cranky day I finally decided to take her in since we're traveling to Chicago for the holiday tommorrow. Yes, not only one ear, but both ears are badly infected. Poor baby again! She has been sick all month! She is on Omnicef again, now the trick will be not forgetting it tommorrow.
Good news on the surgery front. I have a date..Friday, December 21st! Many of you are probably thinking that timing stinks, yes, it does in ways but not so much in many others. Jeff was already taking some time off then, more babysitters are available then and then number one reason,if you are on a restricted diet, best to do it with a stomach the size of an egg!:) Many people have asked me how I feel about the surgery? Hmm, good question? I have spent the better part of 32.5 years as a "chubby, big boned, overweight, morbidly obese(ouch), fat" Hopefully, with the help of this tool I will in the matter of 12 months become substanially "less". It will be very surreal to say the least. I liken it to a "healing" of sorts and in that respect I feel incredibly blessed to be given this opportunity. As far as being afraid that something will go wrong, I can honestly say,no I am not. I have complete confidence in my surgeon. I will do my part and he will do his and we will leave the rest up to God, the best hands to be in. I am a little worried about the details about who will be watching the kids, it being a holiday week and all, but hopefully that will work itself out!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Thankful for..

Ok,I have kind of a random number this year..9 plus a shout out to God!:)

1. Matthew and Caroline,sure those kids can drive me bonkers, but I cherish that little boy and girl more than words can describe.
2. The kids giggling laughter..contagious and theraputic.
3. Jeff, for all he does for me as a wife and especially as a mother and for who he is to our children.
4. Our small group at church, its connected us in indescribable ways.
5. Our home,sure its never clean but its ours!
6. Wonderful extended family that does so much for Jeff and I and especially the kids
7. My mom's health is better these last few months and today she had her last cancer screening and it came back excellent! Thank you God!
8. That my surgery was ok'd by the health insurance and that soon I will be on my way to a healthier me!
9.Blogging...its very theraputic for me and I have learned more about thankfulness here in this forum than anywhere else!

Above all else..for our God,who loves us so much that He sent His son that we may have an abundant blessed life!
Have a wonderful, safe Turkey Day blogging buddies! Know that I am praying for all of you "regulars". I know many of you are going to have tough Thanksgivings this year and I will be praying that God helps you through it.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Cutey Cousins

I can't wait for next week! I love the holidays! I am not too into the whole Thanksgiving food, I can take or leave turkey and pie but I love being with family and just hanging out. This year we're going to my parents in Chicago. My sister and her family will be there. Matthew and my nephew are only 6 months apart and I think they will really get along this year and have fun playing. My niece and I and maybe her mom,if I allow it :), are making a gingerbread house together too! I wanted to start a new tradition and Claire is way into crafts of any kind! Here are some pics of the cousins. Sophia is the sweetie in the Christmas pj's. My mom bought all the kids the same pj's for us to take pics of them all in for her Christmas card pic. My kids wouldn't cooperate at all so I am going to attempt it again over Thanksgiving with my sister's help! Happy Turkey day! Here are some pics of the cousins!
Also, I noticed last year I did a "Things I am Thankful for"..I have been mulling this over and will be posting soon. I would love to see what your all thankful in my comments. How about your top 3??? You can do it!!


Pray for Ethan

Its a funny thing, the Holy Spirit...he can find you anywhere if he wants to! I had read a blog awhile back about a little boy who has leukima and was diganosed when he was 2 months old. I didn't follow up on his blog as much as my other "regulars" because, I am ashamed to admit, I sometimes can't handle too many sad ones. I get too wrapped up in it. But, as I read some of my other regulars, his name kept coming up in posts or comments.I felt that intense nudging by the Holy Spirit to pray for him. So, I added him to my regulars. Well, he desperately needs all our prayers! He is running out of options. His parents are so faithful and whole heartedly believe in the power of our God and our prayers.

Its a funny thing, when I first started this blog process I was a total pessimist. Always expecting the worst, always fearing the most horrible to come my way. Now, as I sit here, almost exactly 2 years later and almost 250 posts published by me, I have learned so much about true faith, true prayer. I could write a million sentences about what that looks like for me but simply said..It carries you through..through all things, through all times.

Ethan's website is www.ethanpowell.com


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hee Hee Hee

I am sure some of you "blog checkers" were thinking" What the heck does Death by porta potty mean?" It was a well intended blog but Caroline was being a stinker yesterday and I couldn't really justify random blogging in lieu of rescuing a sad little one year old from her crib.

So, here it is the Porta Potty post...
There is a PP right off the exit off of 131 S to 94E. Each time I pass it I think "What if you were in there, taking care of business so to speak and a car crashed into you?" Then, being my morbid self, I took it a step farther and thought" What if that is how you died?" Then I will admit, I giggled at the thought. I think I would be a little embarassed and probably angry if that is how I left this world. Whilst using a porta potty! I have told some of my small group this thought and I know they just chalk it up to strange Sue! This is my mind people..strange at times!:) Ok, all the time!
Unrelated to PP's, my mom was so irritating today. She seems to like to think while she was raising all of us that she never was stressed and always took things in stride. She SO plays the devils advocate, as I suppose all good moms should, but today I was just mildly irritated by Caroline's insesent whining and Matthew's insesent screaming and told her that. To which she replied, "Well, maybe you should be thankful for two healthy children." True ,but sometimes you just want someone to let you have your moment to be annoyed you know! Of course I had to call my sister and leave a her a VM saying"Call me back, mom is so annoying" What would we do without sisters or moms?

DISCLAIMER: My mom is wonderful and caring and did an awesome job raising us. She just never lets you feel sorry for yourself.She still doesn't have blog access but in case she ever does, I have covered my rant with some praise!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sicky again!!

Poor little Caroline now has tonsilitis and maybe strep throat! She was very irritable the last few days, but she is getting her one year molars so I thought it was just that. Then yesterday and today she was running a fever and her sick eyes returned. A true sign that she was not feeling good.Plus, she was very lethargic today. So, back to the ped office we went. They did the initial culture for strep and it came back negative. But, they are culturing it. The doc said her throat was really red..poor little girl a sore throat and new teeth too! The doctor also asked about her EYE! I really couldn't believe it. I really felt like saying, "Are you seriously asking me about her eye lady? " I told her that its all covered and that the optometrist said if they have any questions call him. I swear I am going to make her a onesie that says, "WE KNOW ABOUT THE EYE! DON'T ASK or my mommy will drop kick you!" Never a dull moment!
Busy weekend for us, tommorrow I am co hosting a baby shower here in town. Then at night we are either going to "LAST COMIC STANDING" at church or out with some of our college friends who are in town for the shower. Sunday, church, although I think Caroline is missing church this week..I swear the nursery is one big petry dish!


Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Coble Family

I have been thinking constantly of the family in California that lost their three small children in a freeway crash in May. I can't imagine the pain that magnitude of loss would bring. So, last night I googled them and found a link to an article that states they are pregnant with triplets! Two girls and a boy! The lost two daughters and a son. They are due in May and that is when the accident happened. How God is that??

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What God wants me to do?

So Sunday night I was a total nutcase! I was pouring over Caroline's photos and convincing myself that she indeed had some type of serious eye issue and or cancer. It didn't help that Friday I called the doctor to get the rest of her lab results and the nurse told me that her results were "basically" normal but that the cancer marker labs weren't back yet. What exactly does basically mean anyways? So, in addition to calling the ped office on Monday, I also called the opthamologist and asked to leave a message about the reflection I often see in her pics. Thankful they both called me back at lunch and the labs were normal and the optometrist put me at ease too! He reassured me that its just her eyes and that if I am seeing the reflection in both eyes its normal. I also asked him if perhaps we should start treating her lazy eye earlier and he was very firm that treating it in the Spring is fine and would not affect her vison negatively in the meantime.
We had LAMBS, our moms small group last night. It was just me and two of my already close friends which was a little discouraging for me. I had hoped that more women would come out for it. But, I am also kind of at the point that I am offering things for people to get connected, if they come great, if not, oh well. As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink! We talked about Noah and the Ark and the legacy that we leave on this earth. In the wrap up, the author says hypothetically, that it might have said on Noah's tomb stone, "He did everything God asked of him" and then she asked the readers to think of what type of legacy your leaving to your family, friends, etc. We all kind of joked that we can't claim to do everything God asked of us. But, as I drove home, I wondered what mine would say if I died today. I would like to think it would say"Nice person,good friend,did the best she could" but I think sometimes it would say" Likes to gossip, irritated easily, often mistrusts God" Not at all what I want people to think of me! So, I think I might start asking myself that simple question"Am I doing what God would have me do?"

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fall days

Today was wonderful weather..sunny and cool. Jeff and I were suppose to go to the Michigan StateU of M tailgate with a bunch of college friends, but they all day babysitter fees didn't work in the budget! So,we stayed home and enjoyed the day with the kids and did some much needed yard work. It was a nice day!
Caroline ended up not having uti after all, which is a good thing. We never quite figured out what she had. I still think it may have been a reaction to the shots. She is back to her usual self and eating and drinking like normal. I will admit ever since her apt on Monday, I have become reobsessed with her eye. I have to keep reminding myself that if it were something more serious the opthomologist would have caught it! I will feel better after our apt with the pediatric opthomologist in Januaury.

Matthew is up to his normal mischief! He is so talkative now. His new favorite phrase is "Stop that" if he dosen't like what you are doing. He also says, "What happened?" all the time and looks at you expectantly for a full explanation of what indeed happened. One cute story from Halloween week, he LOVED putting on his Buzz costume and one day I asked him where Jesus lives and he gave his usual answer, "My heart" and then I followed up with where is your heart and he said" In my postume" too cute!! He is very sweet and cuddly. He loves to snuggle in the morning. Caroline on the contray..not a snuggler at all but so cute with her curly locks of hair and her cute little buns waddling quickly as she walks/runs with some non-toy, usually the remote which is a favorite toy of hers. She says "mama,dada,no no and I swear I heard her say Matt and Buzz last week. I think she takes after her mother in the talking dept. :)
I should find out about my surgery date in a few weeks. I pray that it all goes smoothly. I feel like its not real like its not going to really happen. I started a new devotional through my Moms Bible study at church. Its a women's devotional guide to Bible. Actually, for those of you who read my blog, its written by Jean Sywersada ,I think I spelled that wrong, but I highly recommend it! She also wrote a Women of the Bible devotional that we did last year that is excellent. Very down to earth,real in her style! Love it! It facilitates excellent discussions too!
A friend of mine, who lost her baby to incompetent cervix at 22 weeks and just found out her mom has breast cancer recently emailed me about needing prayer and feeling frustrated with God. I thought she wasn't even a believer but through her words in her email I think that she is. I am planning on sending her a copy of the devotional to help her through these times and help build her faith. I also told her about some other blogs I read of other people who are going through tough times but still look to the Lord for their strength!
Tommorrow is church nursery and Pastor appreciation. It will be nice to have a night with our church family with positive things going on with all the drama that has plagued us lately!
I heard it may snow next week...yippee!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

To infinity and beyond

Between the Zoo Boo and the Fall Fest fundraiser for my MOPS group to the actual Halloween day which we spent at our church's Pumpkin Party...Matthew aka Buzz Lightyear had much fun!! Check out his buns in the first pic..sooo pinchable! Caroline, who only made it to the Fall Fest looks less than thrilled! Caroline has recovered from whatever it was that was making her ill,which apparently wasn't a UTI..hmmm! I am just glad she is feeling well again and not having to endure many medical traumas anymore. Although, she now screams and cries and twists her little buns every which way when I attempt diaper changing. This makes changing her now very yucky antibiodic poopy diapers very unfun! Good thing her dimples and curls make up for it!