Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The saddest baby in the world

That was Caroline yesterday! Poor little girl! It began, as I said in the last post with a blood draw in the morning. Well, her fever continued to climb yesterday so they had me bring her back in b/c her white blood cells and neophil count was climbing, which seemed to indicate a probable bacterial infection and they wanted to test her urine. I had been trying to collect it in this little puck but had no luck b/c with the fever and her unwillingness to drink anything she was not making very many wet diapers. So, I had to take her back to the lab for another blood draw and then to the ped office for a catheter and two antibiodic shots. It was heartbreaking! She just kept looking at me through her sobbing tears and seem to be saying, "Why mommy?" Then to make matters more stressful,the doc came in and said, "Oh, good, she doesn't look toxic!" Apparently, she was so dehaydrated that they contemplated admitting her for fluids. You never would have known she was sick if you saw her all day at home, running around like normal. My kids never seem to act like sick kids though. So, she continued with the fever until 2am when it broke and she dosen't have one so far today. I took her in for a recheck and they said her inital urine came back with trace bacteria so we will know more tommorrow once the culture is done. She is on an oral antibiodic and should continue on her road to recovery unless she spikes another fever in which case they would admit her for iv antibiodics for the UTI. Now that is alot of info!
I am glad she is not feverish today, although she is in a pretty foul mood !I think she may know she isn't going to the church Pumpkin Party!!:)
Got to love kids, never a dull moment!

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Jamie & Heather said...

Aww Sue! Sorry your little girl is feeling so yucky. I'll keep her in my prayers this week. Hope she'll feel better soo!