Thursday, October 04, 2007


I was watching the kids play today and can't believe how big they are getting! Caroline will be one next Friday!! It seems like I just saw her wrinkly little face on that snowy October morning last year. Yet, here we are a year later, and its 82 degrees!! She is such a joy, albeit a crappy sleeper. She is still waking up sometime between 2 and 5am. Last night, Jeff fed her and I heard him say to her"Its a good thing your so cute because this is a bunch of crap!":)) Hey, what can I saw, we keep it real in the Simpson household. She is taking steps, usually four or five at a time and is one tough cookie! Even when Matthew pummels her, she never cries and just plows right over him. We decided to seek a second opinion concerning her eye. The nurse practioner we recently saw recommended a doc in Grand Rapids and his first apt was JAN 7th!! So, we will wait patiently until then I guess.

Matthew's speech is exploding! He loves to make believe with his stuffed animals. He often says"Come on mommy, come on, play" but then just wants the dolls to keep saying "Hi" it can get annoying but I often remind myself what a blessing he is and to be able to be at home with him playing the same thing over and over is. Many people would die for that opportunity. He is still driving me crazy but always wins me over with those darn dimples!

This weekend we are going to a small group retreat. A night away will be very nice and we love our small group. Hopefully Matthew will survive the babysitter, or should I say hopefully the babysitter survives Matthew!!


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