Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Drama Queen

That is what we like to call Caroline and boy did she show that side of herself off today! I took her for her one year pics and it went horribly! She cried, hysterically almost the whole time! She didn't like that he wanted her to sit in one spot so she would start to freak out whenever they put her there. I go back to see the pictures next Tuesday so we will see! If I got one good one,I will be happy I guess!

What else? There is alot going on right now. With the upcoming surgery, the holidays really around the corner, and the general business of life. I am feeling excited about the surgery. I completly trust the doctors. It is really weird to think about losing so much weight in a relatively short amount of time. I have been overweight since I can remember. Although, I was looking back at some old photos and really I wish I had been left alone...I wasn't all that big and I think if I wasn't so obsessed with it back in the day , it might not have gotten this bad. I am excited to be able to do all the things I want to do and not be limited by my extra pds anymore! It seems almost too good to be true. I am trying to remain prayerful about each step and seek God through it all.
We are starting a new book for our small group tonight. Its called, Growing the Marriage of your dreams by Max Lucado.I hope it goes well and that we all take some things back that can help build our marriages up. Church is having some issues lately,and I have to say that I am so thankful for our small group. I think people can really underestimate the power that getting people connected on a smaller level can have. There are times when I am fed up with the whole church thing but my small group keeps me coming back and riding the storms out!
Well, I better get going so I can do my small group homework, although its on what your wife wants...seems like a topic for Jeff, who is not going to make it tonight, he is in Chicago!


Carrie said...

I left a comment under Caroline's b'day for you!

Sarah said...

I missed going to small groups tonight. Thanks for posting and keeping your friends up-to-date on your life. Don't ever hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

HP & Diane said...

You may be surprised at what Rene is able to "capture"... he is an awesome photographer!! Hope you'll be pleased with the results!!

One year olds can be challenging when it comes to picture taking, especially from a stranger!!
Funny how we train our children to stay away from strangers; but then expect them to "ham" it up when it comes to picture taking!! :)

Holly said...

I've had those picture taking moments. I think every mom gets to experience that at least once, one of the joys of mother hood :)
GL w/the surgery and new marriage study!