Friday, October 19, 2007

Can I be 22 again?

I am having that kind of day. The kind where you just want to take a mommy break and be free to do whatever you want,how you want, where you want, the way you want. I was going to get my hair colored today and heard a song that reminded me of college. I decided to call my friend who works on her cell phone. She didn't answer but called me right back and thought something was wrong. I said, "No, I was just wishing we lived at 540 Charles street and I was calling to figure out the plan for going out tonight" We chuckled at our days of reckless abandon gone by.

I feel so blessed that I started my "married and family" life later in my twenties and early thirties. I got married when I was 28 and had Matthew when I was 30.I lived many years of being carefree and doing whatever I wanted. So, usually, the sacrifices that marriage and motherhood demand don't really get to me. But, today, I am feeling a little in the dumps. I am really looking forward to the Hearts at Home conference.I really think its going to renenergize me and hopefully refocus me on my role as wife and mom.

I don't mean to complain, I am not really, just expressing the way I am feeling at this moment on a gloomy, windy Friday night in Portage! I hope all out in blogger land have a great weekend!


Holly said...

I hear ya! Jaden has been really whiny, and I was ready for a break by 9 this Hang in there!

HP & Diane said...

I think we all go through these stages of life - no matter how old we are.. and I'm a LOT older than you!! I hope you have a great time at the retreat you are going on! Getting away and re-energizing is always a good thing... I HIGHLY recommend that to everyone!!

A nice vacation sounds good to me right now too!

Janine said...

If I was 22 again, I'd have a two year old and a newborn. :-) It does definitely get easier in some ways as they get older. It goes by so fast...really!

Jamie & Heather said...

I've had those days... Especially when Faith is screaming b/c she is frustrated, Trever has decided listening is for the birds, and Elijah is coloring on the walls. Those days I deffinately wish I could go back for just a while.

BUT then laying down with Faith at night and having her snuggle up to me, Trever saying I love you mommy, and Elijah running asking for a kiss and hug will usually erase any kind of bad day I had...