Monday, October 22, 2007


Matthew and Caroline have so many nicknames, all of which are crazy and random. I get this from my dad who nicknames all people. When I was a little girl his favorite nicknames for me were "Baggy" and "Rag a muffin", he called one of my sister's old boyfriends "Cheap Suit" and calls Matthew, "O'Shansky" and "Hooligan". Jeff and I call Matthew, bubs, bubbers, bubie boy, roonie, roon and little buddy. We call Caroline, squeaky, Anna, sweet, bubie girl and roonie girl and my favorite, stinky crappy napper girl.

When my sister stopped by she took some pics, they turned out great. With exception of Caroline either not looking at the camera or having her eye turn in, but hey thats her!! i am really starting to notice people stare at her and I am reminded of how it was when Matthew wore his helmet. People are so obvious and rude sometimes. Back to the pics, I totally should have just let her take her 1 year pic instead of wasting money on a real photographer, who by the way is showing me what will likely turn out to be 400 pics of a crying Caroline tommorrow night. Anyways, my sister is pretty talented, check these out...


Jamie & Heather said...

I hate rude people... The looks usually don't bother me but it's the talking and looks that bother me.

You little ones are cuties with such beautiful smiles.

Holly said...

I really like the 1st and last one of Caroline...very cute!!!!