Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birthday countdown

Tommorrow Caroline will be one! I can hardly believe that the time has flown by so fast!! She is acting like such a big girl lately though so it does seems like a long time since she was a wee infant crying her little colicky head off ! I do not miss those days! She continues to be a nighttime stinker! Last night she went to bed at 6ish(because she took a crappy pm nap and was so tired by then she could hardly make it to 6!) and then I heard her crying at 8:30 and again at 11pm. Then, this morning, Jeff had to get up really early b/c he had a conference in Detroit and I heard her making noise at 5:40 and was so irritated. Well, when I went in to her room she was SOAKED!! Complete and totally pee out! Miss chunky monkey has grown out of her 4 diapies! Everything was so wet so I had to change it all and Jeff had to leave which made things slightly more dificult. She did go back to bed till 7:30 though and still took a morning nap.I think is hard for me to be really strict with her on the nightime waking b/c I feel like she is our last"baby" and who really cares anyways? Jeff does not concur with this! Anyways, this morning we went to a playdate at our friends house where Matthew had tons of fun playing with big boy Jonah's stuff. He loves playing with big kids. Caroline was pretty content too.

Tommorrow my mom comes in for C's bday. We were just going to have family and then we decided to have friends too. Its suppose to be perfect fall weather to celebrate our little pumpkin! I will post pics,etc on Sunday. Happy early Weekend!

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Holly said...

can't wait to see pics from her b-day!!!

oh, and Asher is still in size 4 diapers :)