Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthday bash!

Caroline is offically one!! We had her party today! We had a full house of family and friends and a good time was had by least I think so!! Caroline loved her cake and all the people and mostly being allowed to explore the house. We took most of the gates down and she and Matthew were beside themselves with joy at exploring the forbidden and unknown. I enjoyed this party..didn't stress too much. My mom came yesterday and was a big help. She is feeling so much better and seems like good old mom in so many ways! Matthew loved the party! He kept saying,"We're having a party!" and had a huge smile most of the day. That is until bedtime when he had a major breakdown. Too much sugar! Good day for the Simpsons!!Can't believe how much has changed in a year. I was thinking that last night,as I fed Caroline at 3:30am! Lots has changed in my life and those around me. Yet, through all of it, the joy of bringing a new baby, healthy and happy, into this world, to facing a pretty yucky diagnosis for my mom this summer, God is with us through it all. I am so thankful right now for His constant presence. Through it all, God is God!
Ok, randomness..I know..this is what happens when I post at night. I am more pensive then I guess. Anyways, here is a slideshow of or little one year old!


Sarah said...

Cute pictures! Talk about wardrobe changes!! :-)

Carrie said...

Adorable pictures! Lauren had a great time at the party running circles in your house with Ryan and Caroline chasing them not far out for when she takes off walking all the time! Thanks for being such a great friend and a listening ear...You and Melanie have been a huge blessing from God to me. Love you!