Monday, October 08, 2007


I am in allergy hell right now. I can't tell you how much I wish for a cold,cold day!! Its unlikely you will ever hear me complain about cool or cold weather. I love it and the thought of living permantely in a climate that is always warm is not at all something I would desire.

On Sat, Jeff and I,along with four couples from church went to a family from church's "lodge". This couple is so generous in letting people use it free of charge. Its very nice, but very rustic. Apparently the man who owned it for like 40+ years didn't really maintain it. So, its very musty and if your a person with allergies its pretty miserable. I was ok on Sat, but on Sat night, I must have tossed and turned all night. It was very uncomfortable..I have never longed for morning so bad in my life! We left around 11:30 am and pretty much as soon as we arrived home I was hit with full body shivers, a headache and just general misery! Thank goodness for Jeff, who took over for me in the kid department. I spent the who day laying on the couch or sleeping. I still feel pretty yucky today but not nearly as achey. I think my body just shuts down in a way when its bombarded with too many allergens.

In other news, tommorrow I go to GR to meet with the surgeon who will be doing my surgery. Its the first of several apts that I have this month. I am looking forward to meeting him and asking more questions.

I think that is about it, the big birthday for Caroline is coming up..busy week but lots of fun stuff! More to post later...

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