Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Words for thought

I read this on another blog today and thought it was just so appropriate for all of us, no matter what is going on within our lives:

Nothing surprises God. What puzzles us is permitted by our Lord, for reasons too profound to grasp. It is put together in the counsel of His own will so that it fits perfectly into His plan for His glory and for His purposes. As His servant, I say in response, ‘I will not fear. Though I don’t understand it, I will not fear. Though You take something that’s deeply significant to me, though You allow a catastrophe to strike, I will not fear. I will not blame, I will not doubt, and I will not question.’ Cease striving, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)”

Pretty huge words huh?? True but also hard for us humans to take. Our family friend who has been through such horrific nightmares in her life said to my mom the other day "Whoever is behind me in line to get into heaven better be prepared for a long wait..I have some serious questions for the big guy!" Obviously kidding, but I think alot of us feel that way about so many things.



Sarah said...

Those words were appropriate for the day I had today! Dan and I found out some friends are getting a divorce, and a gal I work with lost her mother (her mother was only in her 50s). I thought to myself that I'm so thankful to have a God to turn to when I'm faced with difficult times, especially since life is so uncertain.

Sorry I missed the movie (I ended up working late). Hope you had fun!

Holly said...

Thanks for sharing your was a good one!!