Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thanks for the bone..God!:)

Last night was hard for me. I really felt bad for my friend whose little boy is in the hospital. I have know Pam since I was 13 and never had I heard such panic and concern in her voice. She is stoic in the greatest sense of the word. When Jeff and I prayed before bed he said one and then, usually, its my turn to reinterate or add something but last night I was just silent. He wondered why and I said, " I feel bad b/c I feel like I am losing faith in the power of prayer. Like no matter what I pray, its only up to God so I might as well wait and see where he takes me before praying." Jeff, in his usual way said.."Hmm,thats not good. God listens to us,He cares what we want" I wasn't so convinced. So, I prayed that I wouldn't pray with that feeling in my heart. That I would pray expectantly and have faith that God would give me the desires of my heart.

So, when I called Pam this morning and she sounded so much better and said Jake is doing so much better and Caroline's apt went so well I said to my friend Carrie, "I think God knew I needed a bone!" Of course I am kidding but it felt good to have things go right for one day at least!


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Anonymous said...

I started to write about how I felt things aren't going great with my family but then I think I can't complain. We are not dealing with what your friends are going through. Your friends are in my prayers.
love, melanie