Monday, September 03, 2007

No laboring for us!

We have had a really nice, relaxing weekend. Friday I took the kids to Grand Rapids to visit some friends. It was a beautiful day and the kids had fun. Friday night Jeff and I went out to eat with some friends to Chilis...tasty! Saturday we just hung out, Jeff mowed and then at night we went to a bonfire birthday party at our friends house. Sunday was church,which didn't go well at all. We haven't been there in awhile between vacations, sickness, etc. Matthew and Caroline were freaking out and they are changing it all around so we didn't exactly know what was going on. Hopefully once things settle down it will be ok again. Last night Jeff went to a friends bbq/housewarming while I stayed with the kids. I watched GONE WITH THE WIND. Good movie, I realized I had never seen it in its entirety. Then I watched KRAMER vs KRAMER..and cried like a baby. If you've never seen it I highly recommend it. Today we have just been hanging out again. We're going to some friends for another bbq tonight and so I spent alot of the am preparing what I am taking. Matt and Jeff played outside. Caroline kept getting under foot!:) Speaking of Caroline, please pray for her eye. The wandering is getting worse and she doesn't go to the doctor till the end of the month.

School's back tommorrow which doesn't affect us but it will be nice to have our fall activites back in full force. MOPS is still stressing me out, but it will get done. My brother in law called last night and asked if I had put him in my blog yet. He was shocked to learn I have one and wanted to know what I write about. After reading through today's post I guess I would say alot of nothing!! So, I am wondering if he found it somehow because he is also on the "DO NOT READ" list. Maybe I will give all the people in my life access. I mean, it can't be worse than the Jason Gehoski torment. Then maybe I would at least get some more comments. I think I have like 4 readers now!

A funny side story about my sister and her family,which includes said Brother in law. They just got back from vacationing in Maine. They flew in and out of Boston but had some time to kill on Sat so they were taking the train into the city. They ended up sitting next to either a man suffering from bipolar or terrets. He was swearing at them and called my sister "The fat *%$#@ in the pink polo" and my niece who is 6 was horrified. She ended up asking if she could put her sunglasses on to avoid staring. My nephew who is three kept saying "MOTHER $#@!" " Ooo..he said bad word!" My sister and her husband are just praying that it would all end soon. After the detrained, Claire was very upset at why he was acting like that. My sister explained in a six year old way that sometimes people are sick with the flu and sometimes they are sick in the head and that was the way the man was. So, now my sister and her family have been in CRAZY MATTY!!

Happy Labor day!!


Have a good week!


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