Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Tommorrow! I think I am ready..I hope I am ready!! I am glad that Matthew and Caroline will be staying here with Grandma..I think I would die if I had to worry about them on top of all the other kids!
Please pray for my patience with Matthew! I have no way of sugar coating it..he is really pissing me off lately! How is that for transparant?! Seriously..I could list all the naughty things he has done lately but what good would that do. I have been trying to sneak into his room when he is asleep and hold his little hand and just pray over him, for him, for us, for me...etc! It has helped some but he is really on a naughty streak lately. In fact his new favorite sentence is "ME NAUGHTY!"
Amen Brother!
I still love him bunches and bunches and of course in the middle of night, when I am holding that warm little hand I think "Oh, its not so bad!" and then when he, for example is running like a crazy man throughout the ped office where I took Caroline for the third time in less than a week, this time for a mystery rash, and he is hitting me, pulling the paper roll of the table, throwing books, etc.Which forces me to leave hastily thinking.."Did I even talk to the doctor?" UGGH!
Its a fleeting season..I have to keep repeating that. Soon my little ones will be grown and doing really bad things..hopefully not!
And, last but certainly not least, please pray for Caroline's eye appt on Thursday at 7am..yuck!

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