Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LIttle Jake

Please pray for our good friends little boy, Jake. He is 18 months old and they just found out that he has a hole in his diaphram and each time he takes a breath, his intestines are going up inside the hole, which can cause a fatal twisting of his bowels! Praise God that they were on vacation last week in Disney and a few times he fell asleep in the stroller and his dad noticed his breathing was strange and that his chest seemed to be really struggling with each breath. Pam and Pat, Jake's mom and dad, are Jeff and I close friends. Pat was Jeff's bestman and we've been friends for several years. There are so many parts of the story of discovering what was wrong with Jake and the miracle of him not having any serious side effects or worse, dying. Thank you God for protecting this little boy so far. He most likely will be having surgery in Ann Arbor the end of this week.

Although I wish Jake wouldn't need surgery at all, after getting off the phone with Pam I was so greatful for how God really does protect his people and love us. And of course, His plan is perfect!!


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