Monday, September 10, 2007

God says yes, God say no

God is usually pretty clear with me on where and how he wants me to do certain things. One of these areas is working. Before I had the kids, it was downright eery, in a good way, how much I felt like His hand was playing a part in where I worked. I always felt very good about moves I would make career wise. So, when I decided to stop when Matthew was born that felt right. Lately, because of money issues and "going crazy b/c I have two kids under 2" syndrome I had looked into part time work. This time however, I didn't feel God's blessing in it. Things weren't working out, no one would call me back, the hours wouldn't work, etc. Finally, I have realized that He wants me home with my kids, he wants me to learn the lessons that being at home full time provides. I think He wants me to watch our neighbor girls on a part time basis too for the discipline that would provide and of course the financial benefits. Cool feeling though to know I am not fighting His plan.

In other news. I have been approved by my health insurance company for weight loss surgery. This is something that I have contemplated for years but recently really seriously started looking into. I am greatly encouraged by the swiftness of my health insurance company.I will have to have it done in Grand Rapids, because they are very particular that it be done by surgeons who have done many surgeries which is important. I am still at the beginning stages but am hopefully that I am on the road to a healthier and happier Sue. I can't remember ever being thin and now its really just gotten out of control. I am hoping for a "do over" in this area of my life. Surely with all I have learned from the various books, diets, nutrionists, etc I can become and stay thinner and live a long and happy life for my family and of course myself.

So, lots going on here. Off to get a haircut!!


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Holly said...

Glad God seems to have answered your prayers. When I decided to go back to work PT, He definitely closed a lot of doors, but the job I have now couldn't be more perfect for my needs!! And, good luck w/the surgery.