Thursday, September 06, 2007

God in the details

I know he is but I love a good story to show just how in it he is..

So, my friend and neighbor's father had a liver transplant last September and had a hernia complication a few months ago. He had a pretty rough go of it for awhile but was starting to feel better and then recently felt like he had developed another one. So, he was on his way to Ann Arbor have a CAT scan and as he pulled into the hospital he got a call from the surgeon who did his last operation on the hernia. It turned out that they were going to do the CAT scan the way they regularly do it for just anybody but when you've had a liver or kidney transplant you can't because you have a really bad reaction. I am certainly leaving out some details here, but how God is that?? That his surgeon would call him, as he is pulling in to have a potentially harmful procedure done? Only God can orchestrate something like that.

Funnier yet, Jamie, my neighbor and his daughter just called and I said, " Hey I was just writing about your dad on my blog, you don't mind do you?" She said no that she was happy to share something that would perhaps convince others of the realness and caring of God. Of course me and my cynical attitude said, " When I hear stories like that and think of people who still deny God, it makes me want to scream ..IDIOTS!"

As my niece Claire would say.."Idiot isn't a nice word Aunt Susan"
Point taken!

Good Weekend to all and to all a Good Night!

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