Thursday, September 27, 2007

Caroline's eye apt

Well, Caroline had her eye apt this am..bright and early at 7:30!! It turns out she has moderate farsightedness in her left eye and will have to wear glasses when she is closer to 2. The exam went well until they dialated her eyes and then she was very angry and cried hysterically whenever he tried to shine the light in her eyes! It was so pathetic. He said she was a "toughy"!:) She may also have to wear a patch down the road too.

Updated prayer request: Our friends' little boy, Jacob who had surgery Monday, had a raging fever all night Tuesday and all day yesterday. It finally broke and so hopefully he is on the mend. But, please pray for him and his parents, Pat and Pam. I spoke with Pam last night and again today and she sounded much better. It obviously has been a stressful week for them!




Holly said...

Well, I'm glad you were able to get some answers. And, no surgery, that's always a good thing too!

Sarah said...

So glad to hear that Caroline's appointment went well!