Friday, August 03, 2007

Sweeter yet!

I finally downloaded some pics before vacation tommorrow, which by the way I have packed not a thing as of yet! I am more the type of person who likes to wait till the last minute, frantically throw everything in a bag and then forgot half my stuff!!

The pics are more of Caroline, the one in the crib with her peaking over is how we find her every morning and night!! arrgh! She has taken to night waking again and no matter how long you let her cry she hangs on..she is relentless when she has an empty tummy! One is of Matthew on his new bed..the floor! That is where we have found him the last three nights! Just to prove we do indeed have a bed, I included a pic of that! We ordered his frame and it will arrive in a couple of months. I think he just gets down and dinks around and then gets tired, lays down and goes to sleep! Another is of his favorite chore...vaccuuming. I took this to use against him when he is 12 and gives me attitude about helping out! Another is of Matt and Caroline in there favorite position, intertwined with one another, with Caroline stealing pacies! She is one tough cookie!

We went to my friends's inlaws cottage again near drownings. But, he must of remember the trauma of that because he kept saying "Oww" and pointing to his ears b/c he has tubes and shouldn't get them least he learned! He is fighting a small cold and wasn't himself! I hope he gets plenty of rest b/c he will need it for his week at the Lake! Please pray that I don't lose my mind chasing after him and that they both stay safe!


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