Sunday, August 12, 2007

South Haven 07

So, I have been a lucky girl to be able to have joined Jeff's family on their annual South Haven summer trip for six years now. It started when we were dating and we would just veg out and read, sleep in too late and eat way too much. Then, then two years ago we had little Matthew and the South Haven trip was transformed and I dare say, if you would have asked me last year...ruined forever. Especially that first year when he was only three months old and we were stuck inside and Jeff had no vacation because he had a new job. Last year was hard because we didn't go to South Haven, we went to West Olive,just outside of Grand Haven and it rained almost all week and Matthew was, I hate to admit, a huge pain! But, this year, I decided to have a different attitude. One of "this might not be fun for me, but Matthew could have a great time so just forget about pre Matthew South Haven..because that ship done sailed!" :)) I have to say that attitude transformed my vacation. We had so much fun! Here are my top memories

1. Watching Matthew bond with his cousins. He loves them so much! Especially "JesCA" and "Allica"..who really goes by Allison, but for some reason Matthew couldn't get it and just morphed their names together. They were so helpful with the kids!! I owe them the world!

2. Running in his little swim suit down to the beach, waddling all the way !

3. Running to greet Barb every morning with such joy screaching " AMA!! AMA!"

4. Watching movies with him in the umbrella stroller for 45 minutes straight because for some reason it was his favorite chill spot, even though he hates the stroller normally!

5. I slept with him each night which is something we never do and he just would sense I was in there and migrate towards me, on top of me, in most cases ! Then,each morning I was awoken to a flood of kisses and him saying "Boo Mama, boo" and the sweetest smile this side of Lake Michigan!

6. Seeing just how sweet and laid back Miss Caroline is! You could plop her down or on a lap and she was completly content.

7. Caroline being fed by daddy each night, since mom was on "Matthew duty"

8. Just enjoying my kids and not missing South Haven trips of the past! Sure, we're are all exhausted and worn out but we enjoyed ourselves and made many new memories. We felt like a family, our own little unit! This week made me so grateful for my husband, my marriage, my kids and I wouldn't trade anything for that!

Pics will follow sometime this week!

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