Thursday, August 30, 2007

Prayer needed

Yesterday I found out that our good friends, Mike and Erin lost their baby girl. She was 20 weeks pregnant and her water broke and she went into labor. The baby died in utero but they were able to hold her and name her. Her name was Erin Michele. I am so sad for these friends. Not only for the loss of their daughter, but also because a bunch of us are friends from college and there are 3 others that are due at the same time. So, I know that will always serve as a reminder, not like she would ever forget. I have been praying constantly for them to feel comfort from God. So, please say a prayer for them.



Holly said...

I'm sorry for you friend's loss...I know her pain. Today is the anniversary of my m/c. I will send a prayer out for them!

Anonymous said...

I had a miscarrige but I was not that far along so I don't know her pain. What a horrible thing to have happen and I can't explain why God allows these things to happen but I do Know God has a plan for her life. mel