Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One thing right..today anyways!

So for a long time now when I am reading Matthew books or we're reading Bible stories I will ask him "Where does Jesus live?" For awhile because of his speech delay he said nothing, then he started saying "Werk.." which is Matthew speak for work, I think he thought Jesus tagged along with daddy. But today, when I asked he said, "In my heart" and pointed there. Talk about melting mine! WOW! It was one of those "ah-ha" moments as a mom. Where I just stood there, glad that age 2 years, 4months that my little boy knows that. That despite all the days that I am feeling " Man, am I screwing these kids up or what?", that with a prayerful and convicted heart I am hopeful that Matthew and Caroline will contiune to always know and believe that Jesus does live within them and that they live lives for Him based on a strong foundation that we layed for them!


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Carrie said...

Very cool...this will be a priceless memory for you! Really neat!