Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The daughter becomes the mom?

That is how I am feeling lately with my mom. This morning I talked to her and she had been admitted and sounded very down! She was having to share a room with an older women who has a chronic cough and the bathroom they share doesn't have a shower. I asked my mom if she could get her own room and she said that they probably put her with someone b/c insurance doesn't cover private rooms. I had Matthew at the same hospital she is at so I know that you can for an additonal cost get your own room. But, when I suggested that she said no that she doesn't want to be a pain. When I pushed it more she got mad. So, I did what any good manipulative child would:) I called my dad on his cellphone. (He was down getting them coffee) and said.."Look into this or your next three days will be not fun!":) and twenty minutes later I got a call from her saying they had moved her! I mean it ends up costing less than a $100 a day so I say go for it!!

I felt really sad about my mom last night. She has been so not herself for almost three months now. Its really hard to hear her be so discouraged and down. The hardest part is that she may not ever feel like she use to and I am afraid if that happens I won't get my old mom back. There are so many projects around the house that we had planned on doing together and its dishearting to think that she may not be able to physically be "Supermom" anymore! But, I am still the luckiest girl in the world to have a great mom!

So please pray specifically that
the medicine will work and quickly
that all her cancer screening tests come out negative
that her muscles come back fully!


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Karen said...

Thinking of you and your family.