Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Prayers please.......

I spoke with my mom's friend the other day b/c I needed some pictures of her for my mom's birthday gift. Anyways, this is the friend whose family was murdered and is going through a divorce now b/c of her husband's betrayel. She seemed so down and then I spoke with mom who also spoke with her and she gave me more details of the latest and I just feel so awful for her. While I was talking to her we spoke about my sister selling her house and that I really felt that God was helping my sister learn some lessons through her trial with that whole thing. She then said " I think I am done with God teaching me lessons." I said, " Well, I think your pretty much well versed in all things difficult, now your able to help and teach others." I really didn't know what to say. I know NO ONE who has been through what she has. Sure, others situations are tragic and sad in their unique ways, but no one else has had so many in their life. That night as I prayed for her I just really asked that God would bless her...RIGHT NOW! So, please pray that God would bless Mary..now!

I was blessed today with my children! They were so well behaved at the lake...I couldn't believe it! It reaffirmed to me one of goals as a couple..to have a cottage! Not a lake home, nothing fancy..just a comfy, welcoming place by the water! Matthew absoultely loved it !He was so brave, jumping off the little raft they had tied out in the middle and he went on his second boat ride of his life !I actually let my friend take him while I stayed "on land" with Caroline. I am sure my friend thinks I am a freak b/c I was like"Do not let go of him... I don't care how hard he crys!" Of course he was a perfect gentlemen..didn't even try and move! Caroline loved tooling around in a little raft too! Great day!

Does anyone read my blog? I never get comments!



Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I've been reading your blog lately - hope you don't mind! Your mom's friend will be in my prayers. I think your response to her statement was perfect - you always seem to have the right words to say. Glad you had fun at the lake!

Sarah L.

Kim said...

I read, and I will pray.

*Carolyn's Daughter

Julie said...

I just "stopped by" to thank you for "stopping by". I agree with Sarah L., your response was perfect! Anyway, thanks again for your comments.


Susan said...

Yeahh...comments! Thanks ladies!!