Friday, June 15, 2007


Two urgent prayer request

1. Little Cameron is having his spinal surgery today. Please keep him, mom Rory and dad Matt in your prayers. Especially through the weekend b/c he has to stay flat for 48 hours and he is 1!!! Us moms out there know how hard that can be!! Again his blog is !

2. My sister's house has sold!! Huge Praise as its been for sale for over 18 months and they have the inspection today at 4:30! Please pray that it would go through so they can begin to look for their own house and have all the stuff that they have had to keep in storage back and really start to settle into their town!

Thanks, have a good weekend! Happy Father's day!


1 comment:

Holly said...

YAY that your sister's house sold!!! That's awesome for her!!

I'll keep the baby in my thoughts!