Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Its a shame

I have been reading the Hummel blog for sometime now. They had triplets about a month before Caroline was born, although sadly one of their sons went home to be with Jesus soon after birth. Anyways, I have found such inspiration through her words and their lives and faith. So, yesterday JoEllen had posted that she was changing her blog to private because there have been so many sicko stories of people doing scary things like kidnapping and creating blogs claiming the pics of others kids were their own. What has this world come to?? I am keeping my blog public, mostly b/c I am not a high profile one but if I was I would surely do this as well.

It really is a shame what this world is coming to! In other news, Matthew climbed out of his crib for the first time today. I was giving Caroline a bath and Matthew was creating much chaos so I plopped him in the crib and while I was changing Caroline into clothes, I hear these quiet little footsteps and then around the corner is Mr Man!! I swear, he is driving me crazy! We bought a crib tent b/c HE IS NOT GETTING OUT OF THE CRIB! But, I don't want him to break anything either! We have been having more and more problems with him lately. A little more than just the terrible two's so were getting him assessed to see if there is something that we could be doing to better help him control himself. On so many days, I feel like all I do is yell at him and sadly I am not enjoying him as much b/c he is so out of control. My pedetrician and speech therapist also thought it wasn't a bad idea. I have never been one to hide my head in the sand. I want him to be the best person God intends for him to be. I would do anything to have that happen. So,please keep us all in your prayers, that mommy and Matthew would just chill!!:)



Holly said...

I thought about making my blog private bc people at Shaun's work print it off and big deals about it...they don't have a life!
On the note of the crib net, where did you get it? Jaden likes to climb in w/Asher, and it drives me CRAZY! I would love to try something to keep him out!!

Susan said...

Babies R Us. Its expensive though $70! But, he is NOT going into a big boy bed yet!

Jamie & Heather said...

Hey Sue!! I can totally empathize about your child and in a way not enjoying as much.

Faith used to have me in tears b/c I couldn't get her to listen and she would just take off before I could grab her! She still is doing some things I can't seem to cure **climbing the entertainment center**

So don't feel like a bad mommy at all! We all lose our minds at one point but eventually with God's help it is restored! *wink*

Praying you have a great week! How was Chicago?