Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fresh air...

We have a new children's director at church and I am so excited!! She is so on the ball!! There are already so many visible changes in the children's wing! She completly cleaned out the nursery and reorganized looks awesome! Her name is Linda Brown...not she!! I am so excited to see where she will take our children! We have been praying for awhile that God would bring someone awesome and He has!

Caroline had a meltdown today and I had to stay with her in the nursery! She is becoming quite the mommy's girl! We have had quite the busy weekend. Jeff's sister and her little boy Derek, who is the same age as Matthew were in town for the weekend. We went to the park and Cici's pizza Friday and then after daddy came home I went out with some neighborhood girls..very fun! Saturday we had our niece's 13th B day and then Jeff and I went out to play cards with our neighborhood group! Have I made it pretty obviuous we love our neighbors?! We are so blessed! They are great!
Today, after church we went to Jeff's mom's for dinner and now are home!

Have a great week..I will post some cousin "pics" later!


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Holly said...

I heard Linda and Nikki had been busy in the children wings. I'm glad things are coming around. Maybe she'll be just what that area of our church needs!