Monday, June 11, 2007

Uggh...and a prayers request? What kind of title is that?

I have to say that I am so fed up with the annoying comments people make. I was reading the most recent update by Shelly Buck on their website when I realized that people had been attacking her. She had expressed some valid frustrations and concerns and was just venting and all holy heck broke out in her comment and ENCOURAGMENT section. When I read comments like these people wrote it literally makes my blood boil. It is so not how Christians are suppose to be. I especially hate the cowardness people have in not signing their names. Please, if you have the audacity to criticize someone you should have enough respect for them to sign your name. Sometimes I wish you could enable a "YOUR RUDE so your no longer welcome here" screen in blogworld.

Obviously blogs are open for interpretation, but I really feel like people should remember that just because we're given glimpses into peoples lives doesn't mean we should feel free to negatively comment. Especially in regards to a women who is struggling to take care of her disabled husband and three kids, one whom is newborn!

Ok, I am switching topics entirely, my blood is again boiling! Please, please keep in your prayers little Cameron. I mentioned him several months ago, his blog is and he was born with dandy walker variant and is having spinal surgery on Friday for a tethered spinal cord!! Pass it on!!


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