Friday, July 21, 2006

Book Club night

I had my first book club last night for the book, LIFE OF PI. It went well and the conversations that emerged were fascinating. It has a lot of "spirituality" in it, as the main character dables in hinduism, islam and christianity. As a Christian reading it, I found all references to God in it to be personal to my God, my Jesus. But, to the other members of the group, who are mostly agnostic, they found all sorts of personal meaning in his quests for knowledge within the three religions. This lead to a discussion of why people reject formal religion and churches and it was fascinating to me as an evangelical Christian to listen to their perspectives. Nothing irritates me more than when someone says, "I just don't want to be judged and I am tolerant of whatever anyone believes as long as they are a good person" It seriously makes me want to scream, "THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!" But, obviously that is not going to bring anyone closer to Christ. I said some comments about how God and Christ were the most important thing in my life and I can't imagine doing anything without my faith. One women kept saying, " I wish I could have that, I am jealous of people who have that." Finally I said, " Anyone can have it, its yours for the taking, God wants a relationship with all of us." I felt such sadness that they really had no idea of what I was talking about. I wish that I had more guts to invite people to church, I really stink at that, I chicken out b/c I don't want people to think I am being pushy. But, the words of a pastor of a church in Chicago ring in my head each time I don't do it, he said in regards to feeling uncomfortable about asking people to church and about their relationship to Christ, " People, they are going to hell without Him, what could be more uncomfortable than that? " So true!
The whole night made me so thankful for my friends at church and in my life in general who are Christians and to have more "guts" when it comes to the non Christians, I could be passing up golden opportunities to share Christ and "give someone that"!! Hmm, so much growing I have to do!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Life of Pi

Has anyone out there read, "The Life of Pi" by Yann Martel? I am reading it for a new book club I started and I have to say its the strangest book I have ever read. When I bought it over a month ago I was eager to begin reading it and then I opened it and it all went south, quickly! I just couldn't get into it, I felt like I was in college all over again. I finally just told myself I was never going to read it and just go to the book club and hang out with some girlfriends. But, then I started feeling that "I haven't finished my homework" guilt. I started thinking to myself, " Is this what has become of me, that a book poses some challenges and I just throw in the towel?" and honestly, my answer was yes. I have better things to do with my time than read a book that reads more like a zoology book for a student doing their thesis. Then I talked to my friend Stephanie who suggested starting later in the book b/c apparently the beginning isn't that vital. So on Monday I began again and WOW, what a book! So, so good!! I highly recommend it, but begin by reading the first 20 pages and then skip to page 94. It is really incredible the imagination and depth of writing abilities that Martel has on . I am so glad that I didn't totally give up. Makes me want to try algebra again!
In other news, I went to the dr on Mon and it looks like Baby Simpson may arrive on October 13th, FRI the 13th. Now I know this sounds stupid, but I hate the number 13!! I don't want her birthday to be on the 13th. I obviously don't believe in superstious (sp?) things happening on that day, I have always hated the number. So, I am praying that the surgery day is the 12th!! Jeff only has three days off, so I really don't want it to be in Monday either, picky, picky!! Matthew has started doing a new thing when he gets in trouble he runs up to me and kisses me and puts his head on me, so cute and so hard to stand my ground. I want to eat him up!!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Chicago,my kind of town

Well, we're back from Chicago, Matthew and I made a trip from Wed to Sun sans daddy. We visited some old friends and grandma and papa Azzaro and Aunt Jenn, Claire and Patrick in Wisconsin. The DVD player we got for Matthew was a such a blessing it made the trip bearable. Of course we had several DVD's for him and all he wanted to watch was Baby Einstein, Baby McDonald. He loved that!! He kept me on my toes for sure, constantly trying to knock things over, getting into things, getting up at 5 AM everyday!, throwing lots of wet sand at meet at the beach. Ahh boys! Gotta love em! It was good seeing my sister and the kids. Claire, my niece who just turned 5 but talks sometimes like she is 15 made an interesting comment about the name situation. She asked me what I was naming the baby and I said, "We're naming her Caroline" and she said, "No, no, when you were pregnant with Matthew your girls name was Jenna, now its suddenly Caroline, I don't think so." I laughed, annoyingly I will admit and said, "Obviously mommy isn't sensoring what she says in front of Claire." To which my sister just laughed. I swear, this is getting ridiculous! Patrick who is 5months older than Matthew really got a kick out of Matthew. They loved the beach! I am glad to me back and appreciate my ultra-helpful husband more than ever. Its unbearably hot here!! YUCk!!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006 God I think she's done it!

I can't believe how easy that
was, I had thought it was
so hard and was determined
to figure it out today!
Here are some pics of Matt
on vacation. I love the crying
one, its so him when he
doesn't get his way! The
other shows his two great loves
hats and Pacies!!:)


Monday, July 10, 2006


Last night we had a great speaker at church, he spoke about Envy and it really hit home for me. I like to think I don't struggle that much with that but after listening to him I realized that there are definetly times when I am not content with all the abundant blessings God has given me. I am with Jeff and my children but I admit with material posessions, I struggle. I have several friends whose husbands make more than $100,000 a year and there are times when, yes, I admit, I am jealous that they can go to Steinmart and buy anything they want, of their cleaning ladies, their ablitly to hire a babysitter and go out for a $80 meal and movie. I have no reason to envy that, I have all I need and more. I have a wonderful mother in law who watches my child whenever I need for free and does a better job at it than me sometimes:), I have extremly generous parents who are always "gifting" us something. I truly want for nothing. The guest speaker spoke about his 1990 Honda Accord that despite its share of problems, is a beloved answer to prayer and has taught him and his wife alot about being content in what God gives us. We have a 1997 Honda Accord and when I had the crappier car, I so loved that car. I even made Jeff stop driving it so I could when I was pregnant with Matthew b/c I deemed my car "unsafe". Yet, when we got our new car, his car suddenly became the crap car. He often makes fun of my ability to change my mind when something better comes along. After listening to the message last night, I had a newfound respect and admiration for the Honda. I went out tonight and bought some car wash and washed that baby clean, it was so nasty and dirty!! Jeff can trash a car like no other, once he filled the entire passenger side with empty water bottles to see how many he could collect?! Strange man! I made him come outside and help me de junk the inside and we found so many treasures inside. An ultrasound pic of Matthew at 25 weeks, his little legs and giant feet that he has had since the womb, that little miracle baby,one of my gifts from God, my old name tag from a beloved job that was such an answered prayer, millions of pens, the lawn mower charger that we had frantically been looking for, for over a year, and the most special of all, a cross. Buried under all the french fry , old pens, scraps of paper, there it was my cross. Buried under all the junk. That to me is what ENVY does, buries you under the junk! It felt good driving our Honda, with it all clean and vaccummed out to get gas and thanking God for everything HE blesses us with( even if the stereo is busted!)


Friday, July 07, 2006


Ok, if you read my blog, please help me out here. I was pretty sure about naming the baby Caroline but now I am seriously considering Catherine again. I think Katie is cute, especially with my middle name, my maternal grandma's maiden name, Carlyle. She was an amazing women! Such an amazing Christian, mother, Episcoplian. I think alot about her lately. I had considered Leslie Carlysle, because my mom had a sister who died of cancer at age 5. My grandma and I had a lot of great talks about what that was like for her to deal with and how it affected her as a Christian and in her personal like,especially her marriage. My grandfather had made a "deal" with God that if she lived he would do anything and when she didn't he refused to go to church anymore. He died when I was 7 so I never got to ask him where he was with that. I hope he came back, I pray he did! Wooh, tangent! Anyways, I am not so crazy about Leslie though. Either is Jeff. So is Katie Carlyle cuter?? Come on and let me know !!

In other news, please pray for my L3 team, I can't get anyone to join it! We have 3 members now and one is leaving in Sept and then I will be out for 6 weeks because of the baby!! Transistions. YUCK A ROO!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Suck it up

Ok, a few days ago I posted the prayer request for my sister and her family. I am still asking for that but I need to vent a little. She is letting this whole thing bring her so way down. I mean you would think something seriously tragic is happening to her. My mom and I are at our wits end at what to do and say anymore. I swear she needs a Prozac. She just can't deal and it really makes me scared for her when something seriously more emotional does happen to her. For as freakish as I can be, at least I feel like in bad situations I am emotionally prepared on some level and because of my faith I know ultimately I would be ok. She is Catholic ( I am not Catholic bashing) but this is what I see sometimes with people within that faith. They have no personal relationship with Christ so when the going gets tough they become bitter and dispondent very quickly. Sometimes I just get so annoyed. I am not a very nice sister! I am still bitter about her being mad about my name choice. Ever since that she hasn't even asked how I am feeling,etc! UGGH !


She doesn't read this, she doesn't know it exists and really under normal circumstance she is very nice!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I am going to be so busy!

Hello again

Last night Jeff and I watched our friend's 4month old and I am officially panicked! Matthew was all about touching the baby, jealous when I was feeding her, constantly had to be watching. I managed to scarf down some noodles when she was playing in the exersaucer. What am I going to do?? I will figure it out that is what I will do! I think though we are going to have a rough couple of months!! Matthew loves babies, but gentle he is not. I guess she will have to be a tough cookie!! I have the worse headache today! I swear that throughout this pregnancy I have so many, must be the extra girl hormones!! I must go clean, before Mr Man wakes up!

Be Blessed!