Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My baby is turning one!!

Well, Matthew will be one on Friday!! I can't believe it! It really seems like just yesterday that he was given to us! I have to admit that today I got teary eyed watching him play. He is getting so big! He cruises all around, crawls, says "Mama" "Dada" and "Hi". He loves playing with balls and cups and loves being outside. He is all boy!! He is beautiful with his big blue eyes and blond hair, yes he is our biological child!:) I have to wonder what gift we will get this coming October when our new baby comes! Speaking of that, all is going great, no more morning sickness!! I really think this baby is a girl ,we will soon see since I am nearly 14 weeks now! Back to bubbies bday, Grandma and Papa Azzaro are coming on Fri and we are having a party on Sunday. His little friends, Preston, Joie and cousin Derek are all coming. It should be fun to watch the bubbies eat cake !! He loves food!! Blessed, simply and abundantly blessed, my cup runneth over!


Saturday, April 08, 2006

12 weeks and counting

Well, I am offically 12 weeks pregnant. I can't believe that time has gone by so quickly. I hope the rest of it goes smoothly and as quickly. Jeff keeps saying that this is our last child, but I strongly feel its not in God's plan for us only to have 2. I really feel more like 3 or possibly 4. But, Jeff will have to come along way in his faith to trust God with that one! He is such a numbers man, heck he is an accountant. But, as with this little surprise , God's plan will prevail! I am trying to be better about praying for us as a couple and for Jeff specifically. Our Bible study this week was about Abigail and how she was a devoted wife, even though her first husband was a total loser! God blessed her and that is what I want for us, but Jeff of course is not a totally loser:)!! I am feeling bored right now and envious of our good friends who are out with a group of their friends at dinner! I shouldn't ,we have plenty of fun ourselves, its just been kind of blah day! Oh well, tommorrow is a new day! Palm Sunday! Praise God for his wonderful gift and sacrifice of His Son!