Thursday, March 09, 2006


OOPS! I wasn't done before, in fact I had just begun! Well, its Thursday and all is good. Matthew is sleeping, Jeff is on his way home from work and I figured out what was wrong with our internet all by myself! Yipee We have Vonage, which means our phone line is through our internet, cheaper but way more problems than I would like! Today, our phone was working, but not our internet! That doesn't make sense, b/c if the internet goes down, so does the phone, so I was majorily confused but just rebooted it all and it worked!! I am feeling good this week, no spotting and we have another ultrasound next week to make sure everything is still fine, but I trust through GOd that it is! I actually feel like I have truly given it to HIM! Jeff and I have a date night Sat, yipee, a WINGS game and Mongolian Barbeque, our favorite! YUM!


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