Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cereal anyone??

Today is not a good pregnant day, I feel very naseous and have all day...I made stew for dinner but can't even really bring myself to look at it, let alone eat it. I want to eat Count Chocula cereal all day long!! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Matthew and I went to the mall today, he got a haircut and it looks so cute. I bought some Crocs, for anyone who doesn't know or have a pair, I highly recommend them. They are made of rubber and are oh so comfy. I also bought a strawberry orange smoothie and Matthew kept wanting some so I let him try...he loved it!! I ended up putting some in his little sippy and he gulped it down! I love that little man so much!! My friend Sherry and I were suppose to go to the movie tonight, but her little boy has been plaqued with reccurent high fevers for over a week now, so she had to cancel! Poor little guy. Hopefully he recovers soon!


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