Friday, February 24, 2006

a tiny heartbeat

Well, my pregnancies never cease to amaze me at how truly powerful and awesome our God is! I had problems at the beginning of Matthew's pregnancy, with low progesterone and the actually thought Matthew would never be. That is mostly why we named him Matthew, gift from God. So, when I found out I was pregnant this time, I immediately had my blood drawn and again my progesterone was low. For those of you who are like, "What is progesterone for?" Well, it basically feeds the fetus until the placenta does, pretty essential. Actually this time, it was triple what is was with Matthew, but still low for science dependant Dr's out there. THen , yesterday I had some mild spotting and I had to get an ultrasound. I hate them!! They so stress me out! Jeff came with me, actually it was in his office building. The ultrasound tech was a guy, so nice and so comforting. I was asking him a million questions and he was like, " How do you know this much? I was like , "The joys of GOOGLE!" :) Anyways, we then saw our new little person with a strong little heartbeat!! I was so happy! I had been constantly praying to let GOd have it and not stress unneccesarily, which mostly worked! I have been able to share my testimony with how God brought us Matthew, despite what science or reason would have predicted, some people even cried when I told them about why we chose Matthew's name, all the honor and glory be God's! I have been so impressed with Jeff and where is faith is with all of this. He has said all along that everything would be fine and to just trust that, that we had been here before and it all worked out so why wouldn't it now?! Got to love that guy.
Matthew and I had fun in FL! He was so cute in the pool ,loved it! We took him to the ENT today and looks like that poor bubbie has to get tubes!! Hopefully it will help with the ear infections!


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